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If you maintain the administration for multiple clients (DigiWaste Trader) and you also want to give them insight into their statistics and history, use DigiWaste Client View and make it possible for your customers to view their own administration from anywhere and at any time in a secure environment.

  • Only possible with DigiWaste Trader
  • Insight to statistics and history for customer
  • Separate database per customer
  • Maximum 2 users


If you want to make the internal link between your waste bookkeeping and your back office systems, you can use DigiWaste Connect. DigiWaste provides the desired connection with your own systems flawlessly with DigiWaste Connect.

  • Not possible with DigiWaste Light
  • The link must be possible with your current systems
  • Customization


We offer you the option of entering a Service Level Agreement with us. In this SLA, we establish agreements regarding response times in case of disruptions and questions, providing service and support, and also how we organise the backup of your data.

  • Response within one day
  • The solution time is in principle 4 hours