About us

The Start

Since 2010 the creators of DigiWaste are active to develop and market the software for your waste bookkeeping.


Als DigiWaste staan wij voor meer dan alleen afvalstoffenadministratie maar dragen wij bij aan het optimaliseren van uw bedrijfsprocessen ten einde bewustwording te creëren en aan te zetten tot actie om zo de milieubelasting te verminderen en kosten te besparen. 


Full automation of waste management within your company. The world keeps moving forward and automation is the order of the day, including in the waste processing industry. Shipping documents are becoming digital, as are invoicing and information notices, etc.

DigiWaste’s vision is to automate the entire waste collection and processing supply chain. DigiWaste is ready to serve as a platform from which all orders are sent digitally, information is received, information is collected and information is generated (statistics).

Core Values

  • Taking responsibility for your waste material bookkeeping
  • Compliance with legislation and regulations
  • Automating and computerising waste management
  • Creating awareness by giving insight into waste material bookkeeping
  • Optimising your business processes
  • Keeping your package up to date with in-house research and development
  • Providing maximum safety data
  • Offering standard and custom solutions for you organisation by putting your needs first and meeting them with good service