I'm A Purchaser.

When, how and by whom was the waste taken away? All the data can be viewed from anywhere any time and be called up instantly.

The costs involved in the entire disposal and processing of waste materials are always organised and divided into processing costs, transport costs and rental costs. This makes budgeting or comparing alternative offers much easier.

DigiWaste is an independent system, with which you take your own responsibility. You are not dependent on third parties to access data, because you have your own bookkeeping.

DigiWaste is a web-based application that runs on a highly secure external server. There is no load on your own network and more importantly, the data can be accessed online, from anywhere, any time.

Not having to search endlessly for the right data means more time for your staff to spend on other things.

Management info
With DigiWaste, you can compare the costs and revenues of waste streams by period, location and project. The costs can be assigned to a project, a factory, a disaster, or another cost centre, for example. With statistics, the related costs can be monitored per item. A usefull management tool!

Never lose data with an external backup. Data can always be reproduced.

I'm An Environmental Coordinator.

Own responsibility
You are no longer dependent on an external service provider for the correct papers or overviews. You can always view and select them yourself from your own waste bookkeeping.

Your company satisfies the legislation and regulations in the area of waste administration.

User friendly
DigiWaste makes your waste administration transparent in a very user-friendly way. Waste streams can be scheduled easily and overviews are generated with the press of a button.

Statistics and Annual Environmental Report
How many waste materials removed can be used for in project administration or internal reports? What can we state in our Annual Environmental Report? And what can we submit to our overseer ? These are only three of the many question that you can easily answer using the statistics you can call up from the system. With the “MJV” button, you generate the report in two mouse clicks in the correct format that you have to report to the e-MJV.

Anchoring internal quality and care system (ISO-14000)
Permits from companies that you work with must be screened and entered as a required field in DigiWaste. In this way, you can be confident of the fact that you only do business with companies that have the required permits.

DigiWaste is not a static program. You can also use it for planning. Orders for transporting waste materials are sent by email directly to the collector/transporter. They can also print out the necessary documents themselves. Always on the way with the right papers!

Custom work
If you want to use DigiWaste even more efficiently in ways specific to your business, we can provide you with custom solutions. If the custom work is a supplement to DigiWaste, we will also be very happy to contribute to investing in the modification.